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Airline Employees Find, Capture Cat Who Escaped From Carrier On Flight

A young Bengal cat escaped from her carrier onboard a Southwest Airline plane on Sunday. Employees helped capture her and get her safely back to her owner.

Denver, Colorado – Southwest Airlines employees successfully found and captured a woman’s cat, who managed to escape from her carrier while onboard an airplane at the Denver International Airport. The year-old Bengal cat, Breezy, belongs to Ginger Thompson, who was worried sick about her missing pet. On Facebook, she expressed her distress:

It’s been a little over 24 hours since I lost Breezy. I’m going out of my mind worrying. Trying to be patient but laying here in the hotel waiting is killing me and I’m losing any hope as each hour passes.
Haven’t slept in over 38 hours and can hardly eat.

Breezy somehow slipped out of the carrier while onboard the airplane on Sunday. Thompson told KDVR what she saw after the latch broke on Breezy’s cage:

“I saw her fall and she sort of tried to claw to stay up, but the momentum just took her down. And it wasn’t a jump or anything, it was more like just falling,”

Thanks to diligent Southwest employees, Breezy was captured on Monday.

Thompson has expressed sincere gratitude to those involved in rescuing her escaped cat.

Southwest Airline employees captured woman's cat who escaped at airport
Southwest Airline employees captured woman’s cat who escaped at airport

Breezy got a bit dirty in her ordeal, but she seems to be otherwise in good condition.

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  1. This is disgraceful. Why wasn’t the carrier in a safe , secure holding place (no. 1) and secondly, why wasn’t the carrier door not only securely shut but padlocked as well?
    The poor cat. Disgraceful.
    Also the company who arranges animals on flights should have secured the cat.

  2. My suggestion to this person, get a better carrier. This cat looks like it may be a bengal, or bengal mix. I think they are pretty agile and a sturdy, secure carrier would be a must. The story says he was lost in the plane, so I don’t really understand the nature of the “fall” either, but again, rule number one; a cat, any cat, should be in a super secure carrier.



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