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Zoo Mourns Death Of African Lioness, Sukari

San Francisco, CA – Staff at the San Francisco Zoo is mourning the loss of an African lioness named Sukari. According to the zoo, the 20-year-old lion died from splenic lymphoma.

In a social media post, the zoo described Sukari as “stoic,” but stated that she would “melt your heart” after you got to know her. The zoo outlined her favorite things and commended her for being an incredible ambassador:

Sukari loved horse shanks, pork loin and goat’s milk and loved to play soccer with her indestructible boomer balls, playing in the habitat’s moated area and slamming the balls against the walls. She was an incredible ambassador who helped educate our guests on the importance of lion conservation and her legacy will live on here at #SFZoo with son, Jasiri. She will be missed.

Sukari was born in 2002 and came to live at the San Francisco Zoo in 2009. She had been undergoing chemotherapy treatments for her cancer since October.

Rest in peace Sukari.

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  1. Sad to hear of the loss of any big cats since so many are endangered due to hunting (assholes) , the Chinese (more assholes) who give business to the aforementioned assholes because of their idiotic belief that bones , spleens , etc from the big cats are needed in Chinese medicine as a panacea for all kinds of ills.Little wonder the West has little trust of or time for the Chinese but we in the West are equally to blame for not helping the countries that are indigenous to these big cats of all kinds fight the poachers and hunters who kill these animals not only for trophies but for the utterly incorrigible Chinese market. A pox on all these people.



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