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Zoo Announces Unexpected Death Of Giraffe

Milwaukee, WI – On Thursday, the Milwaukee County Zoo announced the unexpected death of a reticulated giraffe named Bahatika (Baha). According to the zoo, Baha had been “closely monitored” before dying because of age-related health issues.

In a release, the zoo said:

Baha was born in 2005 and arrived here in 2006. He was a friendly and outgoing giraffe and was a staple at the giraffe feedings. He fathered seven calves and was the first of the herd to do a voluntary blood draw.

Joan, Giraffe Supervisor, said, “We will miss Baha’s friendly face and presence in our barn. His memory lives on in his many offspring.”

The typical lifespan of a giraffe is between 25 and 30  years.

Rest in peace Baha.

(Image of Baha via Facebook)

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