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Zoo Announces Euthanasia Of Beloved Lion Cub

Chicago, IL – This week, the Lincoln Park Zoo announced the devastating loss of an African lion cub named Lomelok. The beloved cub underwent spinal surgery in March and had been slowly recovering, though things were not progressing as hoped. The zoo said, “it was clear Lomelok was not on the path to recover to the full life of a young lion cub.”

Recently, things took a turn for the worse when Lomelok developed a gastrointenstinal obstruction that would require another intense surgery and long recovery in isolation. Because of the spinal recovery issues, and the anticipated difficulties with a new surgery, the zoo made “the difficult decision” to pursue euthanasia and say goodbye.

Zoo members who knew and loved the cub are grieving his loss. The zoo said, “Our teams are hurting and we are grieving. Our hearts go out to each and every person who cared about this special lion. Please keep the Animal Care and Veterinary Services in your thoughts during this difficult time.”

Rest in peace Lomelok.


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