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Zoo Announces Death Of Amur Tiger

Anchorage, Alaska – On March 5, The Alaska Zoo announced the death of a 19-year-old Amur tiger named Korol. According to a social media post from the zoo, the tiger died from complications of old age.

According to the zoo, Korol lived his entire life with his brother.

Those who knew the tiger are mourning his loss:

There is a huge hole in our hearts but we will do our best to continue caring for Kunali and all of the zoo animals.

Rest in peace, Korol. πŸ’”

(Photo collage via The Alaska Zoo Facebook page)

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  1. Praying πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ for this beautiful baby beauty Amur now in heaven flying πŸͺ½ πŸͺ½ over the 🌈 πŸŒ‰ safe and sound.

  2. Awe that is so sad 😭 he was really a beautiful baby animal and a beautiful tiger 🐯 RIP Amir sweetie.

  3. In Gods Kingdom there will be no need for zoo’s or sanctuaries. We will all interact as a huge family, animal and human together. This life is filled with death, heartache, disease, and old age, but a better world is coming for everyone and everything.

  4. I agree fully that Tigers or any big cat or wild animal should not be confined to a Zoo for our β€œpleasure” of being able to see them up close.Yes, they are kept safe from asshole trophy hunters and other low life’s but their life is not natural and as previously stated only reserves or large animal sanctuaries can replicate the next best thing to their natural habitats The sooner Zoos and circuses that use animals for entertainment are outlawed the better and if people shunned these places their commercial return would no longer make it feasible to stay in β€œbusiness” and I use that word loosely.

    • If people did shun these places it wouldn’t help, bc as long as the zoo industry keeps breeding animals, zoo visitors provide the money for the animal’s food. Zoos should be prohibited from breeding & eventually there would be less & less zoo animals & one by one zoos would have to close. It’s up to human ‘policy makers’ to end zoos.

  5. Amur, or Siberian, tigers’ habitat is SIBERIA. Alaska is not very different climatically, for those ignorant people who don’t know.
    May Korol rest in peace, and may Kunali receive best care always.

    • jmuhj reply, That’s beside the main point, which is that Amur tigers have no business being born in NY & living their whole life from birth to death, behind bars.

  6. Im sorry pray RIP Korol beautiful tiger but tiger not belong in Alaska zoo why tiger suppose be warm at Zoo and thank yu for share

  7. WTF is a tiger doing living in Alaska? It’s way past time for Zoo’s and Circuses. Only injured or animals unable to care for themselves should be housed in sanctuaries. No wild animal should be used to make money or entertain humans.


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