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Young Zebra Dies At Disney World In Tragic Accident

Orlando, Florida – Late last week, a young zebra died in a tragic incident at Disney World. Animal Kingdom park visitors who witnessed the incident on Thursday morning told news agencies that the zebra got spooked when two ostriches were let into the safari area.

The frightened animal bolted…running at full speed into a gate. Park officials desperately tried to save the injured zebra, but they were unsuccessful.

In an email to WESH News, a Disney spokesperson said:

“We are heartbroken over the loss of our Hartmann’s mountain zebra that passed away yesterday, and we ask that you keep our dedicated animal care Cast Members in your thoughts.”


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  1. Disney is for cartoons why in hell do they have live animals.
    Stick to the painted and stuffed fake variety.
    Obviously you don’t know what your doing if this is what happens

  2. Zebras don’t belong at Disney, they belong in the wild. It is absolutely shameful what humans do to animals of all kinds.

  3. Yet another argument against keeping animals in captivity. It is unnatural and human centric. Sadly, humans have wreaked so much havoc in the world of animals that many exist only in zoos and for some that is the only reason they still exist. In their native habitat this would not have happened.

  4. It is really sad that the Disney of today is such a far cry of what the Disney of its creator, Walt Disney, had set out for it to be. Always family first entertainment that provided safe, wholesome fun for every child, young or old. Now that corporations have become so entrenched, only interested in the almighty dollar and who they may offend, everything has changed and they seem to not think twice about overstepping boundaries. Wild animals don’t belong there, keep them free and in the wild.

  5. Why would they put Ostriches in the same area where the Zebra is? I wouldn’t do that if I would them. That was wrong they ever made the decision to put the Ostriches in with the Zebra. Whoever put the Ostriches in with the Zebra should be fired because that person caused the death of the Zebra. That is the cruelty of this Zebra because that person put the Ostriches there and the Ostriches spooked this Zebra. Ostriches are very big and they might be aggressive toward this Zebra. This Zebra should be with other Zebras. I would never put Ostriches in with Zebras not ever. Zebras are flight animal meaning they spooked easily just like horses. You need to hired somebody with more common senses that know Zebras very well. Upgrade your common sense and Upgrade your facility to be able to separate the Zebras from the Ostriches from ever happening again with other Zebras young foals. Zebras are herd animals and likes to be with other Zebras including the foal meaning the foals should be with other Zebras.



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