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Young Shepherd, Picked Up As A Stray, Scheduled For Euthanasia April 12

Updated 4/13/2023: Levi has been adopted per Wasco Animal Shelter!

Wasco, CA – A young German shepherd, just one to two years of age, is facing an untimely demise because the shelter he is being held at is out of room. The dog’s name is Levi and he is at the Wasco Animal Shelter, where he has been since he was picked up as a stray on March 27.

A volunteer-run group that uses social media to help save homeless dogs writes of the danger young Levi is in because the shelter is full:

Scheduled To Be PUT TO SLEEP For *space* end of day Weds April 12th.

***DOG FRIENDLY***LEVI is approximately a 1-2 year old, male, German Shepherd mix who is is great with staff and other dogs.Levi is described as being Friendly, Gentle, Playful, Athletic, Curious. Came in as a stray. 3/27

Notes on Levi’s Petfinder biography indicate that he is a friendly, playful dog:

LEVI came in as a stray. he is approximately a 1-2 year old, male, GERMAN SHEP. he was found as a stray and is great with staff and and other dogs. At the time it is unknown if LEVI is house/crate trained. Dogs are NOT tested with children; HIS behavior towards children is unknown.

Shelters across the nation are bursting at the seems and good dogs like Levi are being killed because there is simply nowhere to keep them. Please share Levi’s information to help him find an adopter before it is too late. German shepherds make excellent companions. They are known for their intelligence and devotion to their people.

Find Levi’s Petfinder link here.

Location Address

5409 7th St.
Wasco, CA 93280
phone: (661) 758-7240

Note: All inquiries about this dog must be made directly to the shelter. Animal Victory is NOT the point of contact and has NO affiliation with this shelter or this dog. Thank you.

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  1. Has anyone inquired about Levi yet? Please, please tell me that a rescue,foster or someone has put in an application for this sweet puppy. I would but I’m from Mississippi.

  2. Wish all shelters were no kill- hopefully someone who loves dogs will save this young dogs life. Unfortunately this circumstance occurs God knows how many times throughout the country and I wish there was some legislation that was put forward that would prevent it Praying there is good news for this young dog.

  3. What place is this. Dreadful. This is a 2 year old puppy and they want to put the poor dog to sleep. Surely someone would help and take this poor dog and give him a good like. Dreadful place kill shelters.

  4. I pray they don’t euthanize a young dog like this. Levi has only been in the shelter 2 weeks this is so wrong. How can they do this. Prayers for young Levi a foster home or to be moved to a no kill shelter. Please someone save this baby. Im in Al or I would come get him. Please save Levi

  5. this is so awesome. i prayed everyday for this beautiful dog. just a baby and almost lost her life. kudos to the people who were kind enough to give him a home. way to go Levi I wish you the best that life can give.



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