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Young Cougar Killed After Attack On Mountain Bike Group

Fall City, WA – A six-month-old cougar was killed by wildlife officials after a rare attack on a group of mountain bikers on a trail in King County. According to a release from the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife, the cougar attacked one woman in the group of five cyclists on Saturday, shortly before 1 p.m.

Thanks to the other cyclists, the woman survived the attack; she was taken to an area hospital with injuries to her neck and face and is in stable condition.

“We are thankful that the victim is stable after the incident this weekend,” said Lieutenant Erik Olson. “The people on scene took immediate action to render aid, and one of our officers was able to arrive within minutes to continue medical aid and coordinate transport. We may have had a very different outcome without their heroic efforts.”

Fish and wildlife officials killed the young cougar believed to be responsible for the attack. Witnesses claim there was a second cougar in the area at the same time; officials performed an “exhaustive” search with dogs but did not locate the big cat.

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  1. Very Sad that the Cat Was Killed. And Too Bad that it didn’t Take a Human with it People are Idiots. What did you kill it for?? I hope whoever took that Cougars life Pays Dearly..God will get you !



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