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Years After Ivory Act Passed, Enforcement Of Ivory Dealing Takes Place

United Kingdom – A ban on the buying and selling of ivory is finally being enforced…years after the Ivory Act was passed by the Parliament in the United Kingdom.

The Act, passed in 2018, bans the commercial trade of ivory, including items bought, sold, imported, or exported.

Enforcement of the ban did not take place until June 2022 and it was created to help protect the elephants of the world, who are frequently targeted by poachers who kill them for their coveted tusks.

According to a government release, “it will now be illegal to deal in ivory items unless they have been registered or have an exemption certificate.” Animal Welfare Minister Lord Goldsmith said:

Thousands of elephants are unnecessarily and cruelly targeted for their ivory every year for financial gain. As one of the toughest bans of its kind, we are sending a clear message the commercial trade of elephant ivory is totally unacceptable.

Violators of the ban could face up to five years in prison, or fines topping $300,000.

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