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Workers Accidentally Tiled Cat Into Shower Enclosure

A curious cat named Winston found himself trapped behind a tile wall when workers accidentally sealed him inside, apparently unaware that he was there. The dramatic unsealing of the wall revealed Winston peering out from a hole made to access the area where he was stuck.

The moment was even more touching as the video uploaded to TikTok is set to Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel.”

Suffice it to say, the rescue video reached “viral” status, with over six million views, and generated a deluge of comments, including those from people who had their own mischievous cats who crawled into spaces they should never have been.

Winston is doing well after his misadventure. According to his owner, he was in a separate room when the tile workers were fixing the enclosure, but they opened the door and he escaped…apparently right into the area where they were working.


Shoutout to Winston’s mom for hearing his cries from inside the wall 😭 in her words “thank goodness the concrete hadn’t hardened”

♬ Angel – Sarah McLachlan

Has your cat ever snuck into a place where he/she shouldn’t be?

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  1. Just demonstrates how easily cat’s curiosity can get them in trouble. Have to watch them all the time. Glad this turned out well.



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