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Worker Rescues Cat Trapped In Car That Was About To Be Crushed At Junkyard

Asheville, NC – A cat trapped in the engine compartment of a car about to be crushed at a junkyard was rescued in the nick of time. According to the Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, the employee popped the hood of the junk car to remove the battery and a cat “jumped out and took a blind leap of faith into his arms.”

The rescue group writes:

She looked at him with soft eyes, thanking him with slow blinks and soft purrs. It was almost like she knew that her life had been saved.
She stayed bundled up inside the employee’s jacket while he finished the rest of his shift.

As luck would have it, the employee’s girlfriend works for Brother Wolf Animal Rescue. The animal welfare agency said, “With no shelters nearby and no idea how to help his new feline friend, he reached out to Brother Wolf, where his girlfriend works, to try and find the cat’s family. Soon we heard from the junkyard that a call had come through… A man was frantically searching for his lost cat!”

The rescue group was able to reach the cat’s owner, who informed them that his cat, Lilly, has “an adventurous spirit like no other.”

The rescue group not only reunited Lilly with her owner, but they offered to get her vaccinated, spayed, and microchipped.

The organization said, “When Lilly reunited with her dad, the relief and happiness was so clear on both of their faces. She melted into his arms as his eyes filled with tears of joy.
Lilly’s dad could not be more grateful for all the love, care, and medical attention she received at Brother Wolf. It’s only thanks to caring people like you that we could help Lilly find her way back home.”

(Photo via Brother Wolf Animal Rescue Facebook page)

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