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Woman Visits Shelter And Tells Staff The She Wants The Dog Who ‘No One Else Wants’

Ardmore, Oklahoma – In mid-September, an overlooked mixed breed dog named Tiffany finally got her chance to live out the remainder of her life as a beloved companion. Tiffany’s big break happened because of a woman named Patsy who walked into the Ardmore Animal Care Center, making a special request to the staff.

Her request?

“I want the dog that’s been here the longest, or a black one; someone that no one else wants.” 

The staff knew which dog perfectly fit the bill…Tiffany. According to the animal welfare agency, Tiffany had been passed by dozens of times. They said that the “young, black Pitbull that would’ve been walked past 100 more times.”

The long-time shelter pup seemed to know what was happening; the shelter writes:

I’m pretty certain Tiffany knew what was going on; she clung to her new owner, behaving like such a good girl and giving tons of sloppy kisses, wagging tails and so proud of her new status: “adopted,” “wanted” and “loved.”

Patsy’s excitement mirrored Tiffany’s – she was ecstatic to bring her new friend home. And the shelter staff? They are joyous as well, writing:

We need a million more Patsy’s in the world!
We had several adoptions today, but this one tops my list. I have no doubt that Tiffany is going to be nothing short of loving, loyal and grateful.
Our hearts were overflowing in this moment.

And saying the words that mean the most:

Thank you for adopting a shelter dog and most importantly, saving a life! ❤️🐾

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  1. Do you mind if I quote a couple of your articles as long asI provide credit and sources back to your website?My blog site is in the very same niche as yours and my users would certainly benefit from some of the information you present here.Please let me know if this okay with you. Thanks!

  2. The reason bully type dogs are passed over are several. 1) There are bully breed hate groups that selectively exploit horrific events for their personal gain – to elicit fear-based donations to their fake “nonprofits” from their groupthink victims – events are often not due to breed but by lack of training & care – social, health, food/water, emotional/physical neglect &/or abuse. 2) There are many more of this type of bully breed dogs being irresponsibly bred in areas with low spay/neuter rates and the most irresponsible owners so higher population = more shelter dogs. 3) Insurance companies charge outrageous rates or will not even insure owners of bully breed dogs or will deny a claim for ANYTHING (fire, theft) if the owner has a pit bull because of the ignorance of their actuaries that dog attacks are more related to bad owners than bad dogs – thus making bully breeds unadoptable for financial reasons. States that prohibit this form of discrimination are MI, NV, NY, PA. State Farm does NOT discriminate 🙂

    This is a heartwarming story and Patsy is a hero. Other heroes are people who adopt dogs on the KILL LISTS of overstretched inhumane soulless KILL SHELTERS – common in southern states, NYC, So Cal, etc. It looks like Tiffany was not in danger of being euthanized, but many dogs in shelters are and people who step up and save the lives of these innocent dogs and give them a happy forever home have a special place in heaven waiting for them.

  3. God bless Patsy! We need a few thousand more just like her! I don’t understand why people pass by black dogs! I’ve had several and each one was a joy! I hope people will also look at handicapped pets. They are just as loving as non-handicapped pets.

  4. Bless that beautiful lady – and that dog looks wonderful! I can’t imagine why anyone would pass that sweetheart over 🙁
    I’m a bird person myself, and I always adopt the crippled ones or the odd ones no one wanted. They all have a loving home with me.

  5. I LOVE this story! What a beautiful, thoughtful and especially loving thing to do and I hope it inspires many more people to do the same! May Tiffany and Patsy share many wonderful, happy, healthy, fun years together…Bless you both!

  6. I was literally crying with joy as I read this post. I am so happy for Tiffany and Patsy. What a wonderful thing to do. Congratulations to both of them!!

  7. What a beautiful woman!! I wish all human beings could be this good! She has a sweet and beautiful soul! God bless her and her new pup!!!

  8. I love this stories and others like it. It is so heartwarming to read of people who are so caring and will give animals a chance who really need a break in their luck. Black and a pit bull-not always an easy combination thanks to people’s perceptions and false beliefs. I am thrilled that Tiffany has a home and I hope they have many happy years together.


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