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Woman Reunited With Cat Who Was Lost For Six Years

Sacramento, CA – A California woman was stunned when she received a phone call from the Sacramento SPCA letting her know that her cat had been found. The call was particularly shocking because the now 13-year-old cat, Lily, had been missing for six years.

The cat was brought to the facility as a stray and when staff scanned her for a microchip, one was found. Fortunately, her owner, Jessica Kinsey, never lost hope of finding her pet and kept the contact information on the chip up-to-date, allowing for an unlikely reunion.

The shelter shared the heartwarming reunion story with Facebook followers, saying:

her mom said she has been keeping the chip information updated this whole time hoping she’d make her way home. Today, she did. ❤️

Lily’s story is an wonderful reminder of the importance of microchips, and keeping the contact information tied to the chip updated with current information. Welcome home Lily!


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  1. I can imagine the shock if finding out the dog or cat one thinks is gone forever, even if hope is not go ben up, only to have them turn up years later.

  2. A heartwarming story for the holidays and for the owner-can’t ask for more than that and another reason to get your pets microchipped.

  3. I have a missing feral cat that I know a neighbor live-trapped and dumped somewhere. I’ve been hoping he’d be able to find his way back, but maybe the nasty neighbor killed him. My poor Tommy Blue-Eyes.

    • If I knew for sure the neighbour had done something to the cat I would have confronted the asshole and made it clear that I was going to get back at him/her in some way. No way they would get away with it.



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