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Woman Made ‘Irrational Decision’ To Save Her Dog’s Life

North Dakota – A devoted dog owner recently made an “irrational decision” that resulted in her dog’s life being saved. Jeanne Woolwine took her dog, Gracie, out for a walk in the snow when things went awry.

Woolwine tells WLWT News that Gracie got excited when she spotted wild turkeys and pulled so hard that she yanked the leash out of her hands. The pup took off towards the Sheyenne River and fell through the icy surface.

Woolwine acted without thinking, venturing onto the icy surface to reach her dog. She tells the news agency that she is aware that she made an irrational decision. But she was able to grab hold of Gracie’s collar and yank her free of the frigid water.

Experts recommend that people call 911 for help, rather than getting into a potentially deadly situation. But other dog owners know how bad decisions can be made on impulse…especially when it comes to saving the life of a beloved companion.

Fortunately, in this situation, all’s well that ends well; Gracie and her person survived.

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  1. My dog was attacked by a pack of about 8 dogs. It was icy and I kept falling down trying to reach her. The pack was dragging her on her back across the icy road. I had to crawl. I started yelling and hitting the dogs. I grabbed the ear of the closest dog, twisted it and pulled up hard. The dog yelped in pain and the entire pack turned and attacked her. It gave me enough time to get my dog away. And keep them at bay to get to my car. I didn’t even stop to think – I just went for it. My saving grace was I was more angry then afraid. It could have been uglier.

  2. Some things you do reflexively. I just saw a YouTube video of a man who ran into his burning house to save his dog. He had the firefighters hose him down and ran in. Both survived.



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