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Woman Forms ‘Immediate Bond’ With Dog Who Spent 1248 Days At Shelter

Georgetown, SC – A long-term shelter resident finally got her lucky break on Saturday, October 15. The dog, named Cami, had been at the only open-intake animal shelter for Georgetown County for an astonishing 1248 days.

After so much time, one might assume that all hope was lost. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case for Cami. On Saturday, Mrs. Addie visited the Saint Francis Animal Center to meet the adoptable dogs.

And though Cami was not the dog that Mrs. Addie intended to meet, she WAS the dog who immediately formed a connection. The non-profit organization happily announced Cami’s adoption on Saturday, writing:

Cami , after being at the shelter for 1248 days was currently the longest resident.
BUT her shelter life ENDS TODAY!
💗 We are so thankful for people like Mrs.Addie who come to Saint Frances to meet our adoptable animals. She came in to meet another dog but when she met Cami, the bond was immediately there.

As the shelter happily stated, Cami is now off to her forever home, to live her best life with her new mom. Congratulations Cami!

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  1. So happy for Cami; she deserved a perfect life from humans from birth to death, as all dogs/animals do. We cause them to be born after all; how dare we make their lives hell and brutally kill and discard them! We call ourselves “humans” after all, right? Meaning kind and wise. How rarely people ARE actually human when it comes to other beings.

  2. Thanks a lot to this lady for her #AdoptDontShop attitude, it´s one of mine either, but I´m a proud cat mom of 15+ year old, also adopted Maine Coon mix tomcat Thori. Since I´m a disabled Lupus survivor I couldn´t walk a dog regularly, but I can care for a pure indoor cat. (5th floor of a skyscraper)

    • Nici – You obvious are buying into the BS about pitties….Until SOME pits were bred for fighting, they were considered the best babysitters. Look at old movies to see this truth.
      And please stop spreading this sh–t It causes people not to adopt them and for the vast majority to be put down at pounds.

      • Sybil, beautifully stated! I couldn’t have said it better myself and thank you for speaking up. I get so irritated at people’s ignorance around pitbulls and their own unwillingness to educate themselves or listen to reason.

        Pitbulls are some of the most illtreated dogs and in turn, the most grateful when given a chance. But ignorance, like that shown from this nitwit above, is why so many are never looked at twice.

        Pits are NO DIFFERENT than any other dog. Thank you again. I appreciate you. I believe the paradigm around pits is shifting. Glad to know smart people are out there. 🙂

      • Yes, pit bulls can be the most wonderful loving dogs, but it’s the publicized incidents of those who’ve been a perfect pet for years some times & suddenly turn without warning on an owner or other person, that makes people leery of the breed. After seeing so many of those cases in news, I myself would give a pit bull a home, but probably never be that comfortable turning my back on him. Pit bulls didn’t appear out of nature, they were specifically bred by human psychopaths w/ the muscle mass to be ‘killer dogs’ for hunting & w/ part of training being to be starved & then unleashed on bulls in pits. IOW, they’re like a manufactured GMO product w/ certain characteristics & genes dominating (in full-blooded pit bulls.) Today their are many pit bull lookalikes who are mixed breed pit bulls who may look like the original, but the dominant pit bull genes are way watered down. Animals are always innocent, like said, pit bull dogs did not originate in nature, (nor did any specific breed for that matter,) since all domestic dog breeds originated from wolves. Can thank our human ancestors in the early 1800’s UK for creating a pit bull breed & I’ve no doubt there are sadists out there today trying to mate the most aggressive male & female pit bulls they can find, to create pups for sale to people looking for vicious-type watch-dogs.

        • Sweet “pit bulls” who would never hurt anyone are being abused and tortured to death by idiots getting “revenge” for the dogs that went psycho and maimed or killed someone. Those sadistic “humans” are the ones you should be warning against before any vicious dogs. Dogs of all kinds will attack when startled AND hurt and in severe pain, or just because they’ve been made insane by people. PEOPLE is the key word there.

        • NO, You Cannot Always Trust a Pitbull.
          Or any dog for that matter because they Are Animals, but especially Pitts.
          A friend of mine has owned 2 Pitts at different times in his life.
          He is a great pet owner, always treated both his cats and dogs with Love, Kindness and Respect, what we are supposed to do.
          Animals were always spayed & neutered, dogs have been trained specifically to respond to commands, especially when on a leash in public.
          Long story short— Will came home from work, greeted the dog as usual
          befor starting to go into his house.
          And what made the dog tear into his calves and one arm will never be known.
          61 stitches later and badly bruised,
          emotionally and mentally upset, he chose to have the dog euthanized.
          And this was a family dog that had only been raised since 3 mos up to 3yrs old with nothing but Love.
          These instances do happen with Pitts.

          • Those instances do happen with people too, regularly. You think you can always trust a person? Happily married people go years in marital bliss and suddenly one comes home to be ambushed by the spouse or the spouse’s hired killers, for life insurance payout, or just for freedom to be with their new “love” without divorce.
            Why do you concentrate on demonizing the dogs instead of BREEDERS of fighting dogs who continually bring more of them and more dogs in general into this hell world?

    • Nici, Grow up, educate yourself and stop being one of those people that the rest of world despises by continuing to spread lies, myths, and nonsense. Your ignorance is what breeds the problems pitbulls face, and the educated fight on a regular basis.

      Pits are fantastic dogs, along with every other bully breed. All animals (just as kids) are products of their environment. Seeing as you can’t even spell ‘pitbull’ properly and your mindset, you are a classic example of this.

      FYI, golden retrievers have a higher bite incidence than most dogs and far more than pitbulls. You only hear about pits because of the stigma around them, aka, ignorant people like yourself.

      Furthermore, pits are used by people in cruel ways; despite that, when adopted into loving homes, they are the sweetest, most loveable, loyal, often laid back dogs.

      But you wouldn’t know that because you buy into the fear mongering spewing. Keep that crap to yourself or educate yourself, nitwit.

      Good grief, stupid really does piss me off. This angel of a dog spent 3.5 yrs in a shelter, bless their souls for being no kill!! And you come in here and sh!t on this beautiful match with your stupidity and ignorance.

      Bully breeds are the best, period. Mine is not a pitbull but I look forward to the day. In the meantime, crawl back under your rock or step out and learn something.

      Bloody morons; and we wonder why we have the issues we do with humanity.

  3. It is always good to hear about good shelters, especially down south, and bravo for them for not giving up on Cami. She can now lead the life all dogs should have-one filled with fun and love.


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