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Woman Finds Dog She Lost Two Years Ago At Local Animal Shelter

Recently, a woman in Allentown, Pennsylvania, was reunited with her beloved dog, who had been missing for more than two years. Aisha Nieves had shared her life with Kovu from the time that he was just a puppy, but someone hit her fence in 2019 and he managed to slip away from home.

Nieves searched high and low for her dog and learned from staff at the Lehigh County Humane Society that he had been brought in, renamed Ash, and adopted to someone else. Nieves was crushed, but everything changed this June when she was scrolling through the same shelter’s list of adoptable dogs and saw her dog!

It was a distinctive scar on his face that convinced Nieves that the dog available for adoption was her beloved Kovu. When she went to the shelter to see him in person, any doubt that it might not be him was eliminated by his ecstatic greeting. She told WFMZ News:

“We locked eyes and I seen his smile and he started wagging his tail,” she said, “Soon as he started coming, he started squealing and screaming and yelling and jumping on me kissing.”

The shelter posted a video of the joyful reunion to Facebook, writing:

“Upon seeing his long-lost mom, the previously shy and scared Kovu let out the most excited squeal we have ever heard!”

Kovu has settled back into his life with Nieves and it is as if he never left at all.

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