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Woman Facing Charges For ‘House of Horrors’ Denied Custody of Dogs

Chandler, AZ – Last week, a judge denied April McLaughlin’s (aka Sydney Sierra Taylor McKinley) request to regain custody of dogs seized by officials who found them living in squalor. McLaughlin is facing 110 counts of animal abuse and cruelty resulting from extreme neglect of special needs dogs at a house on East Kesler Lane, Chandler. McLaughlin was operating a sham rescue organization called the Special Needs Animal Welfare League.

McLaughlin initially tried to get custody of 47 dogs who had been seized. She revised her request to 13 dogs that she described as her “personal family dogs.” But her request was denied.

The presiding judge said, “The dogs that you had, all of them were subjected to cruel neglect, so I am going to grant the seizing agencies request that these dogs not to be returned to you. You have forfeited your right to have these dogs.” McLaughlin has 14 days to appeal the judge’s ruling.

Animal Victory has created a petition to hold McLaughlin accountable for her abhorrent treatment of the dogs who were in her care. You can add your name to the petition at this link.

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  1. This thug culprit never LEARNED the lesson of compassion & faithful care & she must be denied any compassion or mercy!!!!! She has acted without any mercy & deserves to pay her karmic debt!!!! She is an incurable culprit who should pay for her crimes as this is the best decision!!!!! Off with her head which is the way she treated the helpless animals she condemned & she must pay no mercy for this thug who deserves NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I hope she rots in jail! Those poor innocent animals that were in her care! They are still looking for animals that are missing! I’m praying these animals are found safe and sound!🙏🙏🙏❤️

  3. What a POS this woman is! Not just helpless animals she neglected & abused but special needs animals?!?! EVIL! What kind of person abuses already injured animals?!?! Disgusting! I hope she rots in jail. Karma is too good for her!

  4. How did she get away with this sham? Did anyone know her or her neighbors see this abuse??
    Will new laws protect the animals from these people??

  5. We all know what this nasty ‘sikko’ needs. A dose of the same treatment that the tow rag committed upon these innocent dogs.
    I am a serious dog person and would dearly like to show this female scumbag what it is like to be in the position of these animals.
    I really cannot leave my own views as to what is needed here as I expect they would be edited out!!
    I cannot see the justice system giving this piece of crap a viable sentence so it is down to ‘us’ normal people to teach asswipes like this a severe lesson.
    Power to any animal vigilante groups who can show this dog torturer the error of her ways.
    Better still if she was six feet under the ground.
    People like this do not deserve to live and really need ‘taking out’!! Sorry but this is going to be the only way to STOP these mindless animal torturing cretins!!
    Jonny W. (U.K.)

  6. This is horrific disturbing and heartbreaking inhumane this is torture never should an animal go through anything like this

  7. April Mclaughlin MUST NEVER adopt Animals nor be anywhere near them — she’s unfit to care for Dogs, as she has already proven — ENSURE she learns her lesson one way or another — we MUST PROTECT our Animals.



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