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Woman Facing Charges For Deaths Of 146 Dogs Dies, Rescue Group Closes

Ravenna, OH – A woman facing 146 felony animal cruelty charges for the deaths of 146 dogs has died. According to the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office, 69-year-old Barbara Wible died on January 28 and her charges are expected to be dropped.

Wible was the president and co-founder the Canine Lifeline dog rescue, which ceased operations in July 2023.

Wible came under scrutiny in June 2023 when Parma police conducted a welfare check at her residence and found dozens of dogs locked in cages with feces, and no food or water. A press release from the prosecutor’s office said:

“All 36 dogs found were without food or water, some dogs had not been fed since March.”

Investigators then found 146 deceased dogs at property in Portage County.

The Portage Animal Protection League is hoping to see the defunct animal rescue face charges, despite Wible’s death:

“The Portage Animal Protective League is deeply disappointed that Barbara Wible was not and never will be convicted of animal cruelty. Given her health condition, we knew it was unlikely that she would never be imprisoned on either misdemeanor or felony charges. Regardless, we at least hoped to hold her accountable and get justice for these poor dogs. Even symbolic justice is justice. We did everything we could to pursue Barbara Wible’s case expeditiously with the goal of ensuring that these dogs got their day in court. This is not the outcome we wanted for the 146 dogs who experienced unimaginable torture.”

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    • She Will Go To HELL, just so you know. Those innocent Angels are not suffering anymore and are in Heaven. It’s important to Volunteer at these type of places in order to keep an Eye on what’s REALLY happening and Reporting anything Suspicious. Take Pictures, Videos..etc..Go to the Right People..Go on Social Media..Get Help ASAP.

  1. And no one knew that near 200 Dogs were being neglected to death, then there are others who should take responsibility! Animal suffering once again!

  2. Burn in hell Bitch! I have no pity for animal abusers dead or alive, shame she didn’t starve to death laying in her own urine and feces!! Yes it should be on her record regardless she’s dead so nobody forgets what she did!!! 🤬😡🤬😡

  3. I’m tickled to death that shut is dead.Just should have happened about 69 years ago.Do not worry she will be charged and found guilty and sentenced the toughest sentence there is in God’s hands.



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