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Woman Climbed Through Sewage To Save Kitten Trapped For Six Days In Drain Pipe

Florida – A young kitten is safe today thanks to a woman who took on sewage and bugs to save his life. Liz Jones, the founder of Operation Liberation, crawled through 300 feet of drain pipe in Delray Beach to reach the six-week-old kitten, who had been trapped underground for six days.

Lindsey Bembli was the first person who reported hearing a kitten crying in the drain pipe near SE Fifth Avenue and SE Third Street. She reached out to the fire department for help, but they were not able to catch the frightened kitten. Firefighters assured Bembli that the kitten would be able to escape, but days later, he could be heard crying again.

After good Samaritans reached out to Operation Liberation, Jones jumped into action – not hesitating to climb into the filthy drain to reach the tiny feline. On a GoFundMe account, the rescue effort was shared with supporters:

Liz immediately jumped into action and army crawled nearly 300 feet through a 24 inch wide sewer drain 8 feet underground. 6 days and we finally caught him. Baby Donatello is currently hospitalized at Pet Emergency Referral Center in Palm Beach Gardens where he is expected to make a full recovery.

Find the GoFundMe for Donatello at this link.



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  1. This is a woman who deserves a medal!
    She had only one goal, to save the kitten!
    A woman with a heart of GOLD!
    There are not many like this anymore.



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