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Woman Charged For Abandoning Malnourished Dog In Crate In Freezing Temperature

Lycoming County, Pa. – A 24-year-old woman is facing animal cruelty charges after confessing to the abandonment of a malnourished dog who was left in the parking lot of a Hobby Lobby in freezing temperatures. As reported by Fox 56 News, Miranda Waldman admitted that she left her long-haired German shepherd in a cage in the rear parking lot of the store on East Third Street in Loyalsock Township on Friday night.

The dog was laying in feces inside the metal cage; a bag of dog food had been left on top of the carrier. The dog was taken to the Lycoming County SPCA and he is being held until the investigation has been concluded.

Waldman is facing charges of Aggravated Cruelty to Animals – Torture, Neglect of Animals – Shelter/Protection, Abandon Any Dog Within Commonwealth, Application Dog License/Fees, and Penalties and Cruelty to Animals.

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  1. Why the hell didn’t this silly bitch not just take the dog to a shelter if she didn’t want to look after itAnd what was with the dog food-was that one last pathetic attempt to tell people that she actually cared about the dog even though she left it in horrible shape in life threatening conditions.Sorry excuse for a human being.



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