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Woman Arrested After Allowing Her Tethered Dog To Die In The Heat

A dog left tethered to a pole in Lee County, Florida, died in the extreme heat.

Lee County, Florida – On July 11, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office received a call about a dead dog who was tethered outside to a pole. According to the authorities, 34-year-old Jade Green is the woman who left the dog outside in the heat without any way of escaping the scorching sun.

Woman arrested for leaving dog tethered outside in the heat.
Woman arrested for leaving dog tethered outside in the heat.

Deputies who responded to the home on Edison Avenue in Fort Myers found a five-year-old pit bull mix named Los dead on the ground. The dog’s external temperature reading was 104 degrees, and the internal temperature was too high to read.

In a statement, Sheriff Carmine Marceno commented on the dog’s death:

“There wasn’t even shade where this defenseless dog could get a break from the scorching sun. they added in a statement. It was obvious Los suffered an agonizing death.”

Green was arrested on a charge of aggravated animal cruelty.

It is not rocket science – if it is hot outside, your dog needs somewhere to escape from the heat. Obviously, indoors is best. For dogs who are left outside, there must be ample COLD water and shelter. Dogs who are tethered can get tangled and/or knock over their water, leaving them vulnerable and at risk of heat stroke or death.

Rest in peace Los.

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  1. What a freaking ho bag to do this to an innocent animal! She deserves the same treatment!! Poor little dog 😥

  2. Lock her in a sauna overnight at top temperature highest.a eye for a eye .you can read her violent , sick, persona just looking at her . How many more animals have suffered at her vile hands .Ban her for at least 10 from any animal ownership.

  3. A van wouldn’t do any good I don’t think because they get another dog and put it in somebody else’s name and when they get caught they say oh I’m just dog sitting

  4. Absolutely HORRIBLE! I wonder if he was always tethered? Sometimes neighbors complain to authorities and nothing’s done…until it’s too late! The woman is a heartless bitch.



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