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Woman Adopts Cat Who Had Been Living In Veterinary Cage For More Than A Decade

A cat who spent the bulk of his life in a cage at a veterinary office has been adopted and is living in a real home. The sweet adoption story has garnered more than 629,000 views on TikTok and nearly 6,000 comments from people who are thrilled to see the cat finally in a real home.

TikTok user @lindssey.82 explains that she started working at a veterinary clinic six months ago and discovered an affectionate orange cat who had been at the clinic for 10 to 12 years. The woman wanted to give the cat a home, but she was not in the financial position to do so.

Happily, her situation changed and with assistance from the veterinary hospital, she was able to take the cat home. The cat quickly settled in and started enjoying all of the creature comforts that a home provides.

Prior to being adopted, the cat threw up daily at the veterinary clinic. But when he was living with his new family, that stopped – he is happy and content.

Watch the sweet adoption story on TikTok.

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  1. Why couldn’t this have happened to this poor cat years ago Cannot believe this cat was in a cage for 10 years but so happy for him that he finally has a home and seems more relaxed. Not surprised he was throwing up every day in a cage- the poor animal was stressed out from being confined yet at same time was afraid to venture out probably because the vet clinic was scary because of the noise from other animals especially dogs.Wishing the best for this little guy and thanks to the lady for adopting him.

  2. This made me sad that this beautiful little guy spent so much time in a cage, went to 2 homes and returned twice but then cry happy tears for him. He’s so lucky you found him and he can live out the rest of his yrs knowing what love feels like. You have a big heart. Bless you. ❤



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