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Wildlife Officials Educate The Public After Tragic Death Of Bear In A Hot Car

Tennessee – Wildlife officials in Tennessee used a tragic incident in June to educate the public about the danger of food, and food-tainted trash, to bears. The warning from the  Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency followed a bear’s death inside of a car that was parked at a cabin in  Sevierville, Tennessee, on June 22.

According to the wildlife agency, a bear climbed into an unlocked car and the door closed, trapping it inside.

The bear was unable to get out of the car on the 95-degree day and it died. Officials believe that the temperature inside of the vehicle climbed to at least 140 degrees, causing the bear to die of heatstroke.

The wildlife agency posted this reminder to the public, with the hope that people will be mindful of the danger their food/garbage can have on wildlife:

Notice the empty soda can and food package on the floorboard. Bears have noses 7 times better than a bloodhound and can smell even the faintest odor of food inside a vehicle. Lock your doors, roll up your windows, and never leave food or anything that smells like food inside! Empty food containers, candy wrappers, fast food bags, and even air fresheners can attract bears. Please be #BearWise and help us keep bears wild and alive.

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  1. What stupid moron does not have the sense to lock their car full well knowing that they live in bear country. No consideration for the animals. My heart aches for the poor baby bear who died such a horrible death. His car should be taken away before another animal dies because of stupidity.

    • Do you not read the article?? It said ” the door accidently closed behind him” you did the same thing with puppies under the shed!! Wow the whole article not just skim it!!



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