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Wildlife Center Closes After Wolf Pack Euthanized Following Death Of Their Pack Leader

Dundee (U.K) – A wildlife center in Dundee was closed after a wolf was euthanized, and then the members of his pack were euthanized as well. According to the Camperdown Wildlife Centre, the alpha male pack leader, Loki, was euthanized after complications following surgery.

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This week, the agency said that the four surviving members of Loki’s pack were exhibiting signs of anxiety after their pack leader’s death, so officials euthanized them. In a release, the agency said:

We are devastated to announce that our alpha male wolf, Loki, has been humanely euthanised today. Despite an initially successful operation, there have been subsequent complications, and the difficult decision was reached to save the animal from further pain. The other four wolves in the pack have been exhibiting unusually anxious and abnormal behaviour since the operation, and it is with great sadness that these wolves have also been euthanised as a result.

Though it was not clearly stated, it is assumed that the wolves were exhibiting aggressive behavior towards each other after Loki’s death. Why the decision to put them down was made so quickly is unknown.

On Tuesday, the wildlife center said:

Camperdown Wildlife Centre will be closed to the public today (Wednesday, 29 March, 2023) to allow our colleagues to process recent events. We thank-you for your patience and understanding.

Some people who learned of the wolves’ deaths have exhibited compassion to the wildlife center, while others have questioned the decision.

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  1. So wrong on so many levels. Give them a. Jan e to get used to their leader being gone. Himans grieve for years when they lose their people. How hasty and inhuman. Iā€™m glad they closed but what happened to the other animals there? Were they euthanized too just because it was easier for the humans working there like it was for the rest of the wolves? Ridiculous.

  2. It seems like the people involved made a rash decision and then thought about the reasons behind it once it had been done. smh

  3. Why do humans think they have the authority to decide what is best for animals?? Humans are freaking ruining this planet with their decisions. If they had not been keeping those wolves in cages and other confined areas, this would not have happened. Let the animals live in their own habitats. QUIT MAKING MONEY OFF THE ABUSE, TORMENT, AND TORTURE OF INNOCENT CREATURES!! This is no way for the animals to live!!! Make your living another way rather than off the demise of innocent creatures!

  4. This pack needed to be left alone and monitored to work out the hierarchy in the pack to choose a new leader. My God, these people are supposed to be wildlife experts! I can’t help but feel that the wolves were not wanted anymore, and this was the excuse to be rid of them.

  5. The wolves are showing aggression to one another because they are fighting for the alpha male spot. This is normal pack behavior. It’s unbelievable that they were euthanized. Awful decision

  6. Healthy animals are not euthanized; they are killed. The former term is to end extreme suffering from a terminal condition or disease; the latter is just violence and that is what was done here, though Loki was, in fact, euthanized if he was not going to recover. This place should indeed be closed and remain so for their cruel and irresponsible actions. I really wish people would stop whitewashing the killing of animals. Imagine saying a person who was murdered had been euthanized. It wouldn’t happen.,

    • Thank you Kate for pointing this out. The wolves were not euthanized, they were KILLED. It appears that they were quickly killed out of humans taking the easiest way out of the situation.

  7. As a person who has been in Wolf Rescue for over 35 years and Executive Director of Lake Tahoe Wolf Rescue, I understand fully how the hierarchy of this wolf pack was traumatized, confused and emotionally damaged without a leader. There would have been other options though, like taking certain members of the pack who were bonded and place them in reputable Wolf Sanctuaries. Euthanizing a whole pack of healthy individuals so soon was impetuous unless of course they had already tried to contact other sanctuaries for help.

    • Agree and our species does everything in its power to save every human even those who murder, abuse animals, etc. Just pathetic.

  8. Just another example of humans sticking their noses where they don’t belong. When this happens in the wild and an alpha male dies do the rest of the wolves jump off a cliff? no they work it out and the next dominant male will take over. same thing would have applied here if these clowns would have let nature take over. Very sad situation for many animals because it’s the human disease that is killing them off. this has become the solution to all problems but don’t worry our government is going along with canadian ideology and will be doing this to our people including children without a parents consent. don’t believe it, do some research. all there in black and white. humanity is broken and such a failed experiment!


  9. WHAT ?!!! why ???? Why didn’t they wait for the other wolfs to morn and adjust to their new situation. How horrible!!!!!!

  10. Could they not have waited to see if the pack sorted out their hierarchy themselves- just given them a little more time.Seems like a knee jerk response.

  11. I am so saddened and angered to learn of the irresponsible decision made so quickly, after one wolf was euthanized, to then kill the entire pack! Wolves are an important species necessary to maintain a healthy ecosystem.


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