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Whale Lovers Celebrate As Mother Humpback Is Freed From Crab Trap Line

Whale lovers are celebrating the news that a mother humpback whale, who was entangled in a crab trap line, is free. Tensions were high on October 7 when Sydney Dixon, Zodiac operator for Jamie’s Whaling Station and Adventure Centre, noticed a whale named Pinky who was tangled up in approximately 50 feet of rope and a crab buoy in Barkley Sound, B.C.

Strawberry Isle Marine Research Society reached out to the public for help after learning that the whale was entangled in the rope:

Important, please share!

There is currently an entangled humpback whale in Barkley Sound. DFO have been notified of the situation. The entanglement is to either Pinky (BCY0452) or her 2021 calf. Pinky is a regular visitor to Barkley Sound, often the most frequently seen whale in the area. Images to aid ID have been included in this post. It is important that you do not try to disentangle the whale, but contact DFO immediately using 1-800-465-4336, or use VHF Ch. 16.

By October 15, the research society had good news to share with concerned individuals who were monitoring the situation:

Last week, Pinky (BCY0452) was identified as entangled in Barkley Sound. Thanks to the initial reporting from SIMRS staff and @jamieswhalingstation and the subsequent relocation efforts from @simrs_tofino , @subtidaladventures , DFO, RCMP and local water-folk and whale-lovers like @lynettelaperouse and @pacificnereid, Pinky was later tracked, monitored and is now free from any visible entanglement!

Now that Pinky is free, it is expected that she will migrate to breeding grounds in Hawaii.

Boaters who notice a whale in distress are encouraged to immediately contact DFO’s marine mammal response network at 1-800-465-4336; if possible, stay with the whale until help arrives.

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  1. THANK YOU for this wonderful Rescue – to think of Pinky’s suffering and torment due to negligence and sloppiness of Humans is heartbreaking – again, THANK YOU for your know-how and mercy and compassion.



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