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Weak Mare And Foal Rescued From Beach

Lake Powell, AZ – The National Park Service (NPS) rescued a wild mare and her foal from a Lake Powell beach in Navajo Canyon. According to a news release from NPS, the duo had been stranded on the beach because of rising waters, and for reasons unknown, they did not attempt to swim the quarter-mile distance to safety. NPS said:

Horses are great swimmers, but for unknown reasons, the mare stayed on the beach until she was too weak to make the one-quarter mile swim with a newborn.

The agency said that Glen Canyon National Recreation Area staff had been monitoring and feeding the animals since June 7, but the decision to intervene and remove them was made because the area is popular with boaters and they posed a “safety concern.”

NPS utilized a boat capable of accommodating a horse trailer and a team was put together to retrieve the horses.

NPS said:

The team was successful in sedating the mare and getting both horses safely into a horse trailer on the boat and they were transported last night to Kanab.

The rescued horses were taken in by Best Friends. “Mom and baby are now eating, resting and safe at Best Friends,” said Jen Reid, manager of Horse Haven at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. “We were thrilled to be part of this incredible rescue and look forward to helping these horses find a great home when they’re ready.

According to NPS, after the filly is weaned, both horses will be made available for adoption. Please contact if you are interested in learning more about adopting them.

Photos: NPS📷: Photo 1 A horse trailer loaded on an NPS work vessel was used to remove two horses stranded in Navajo Canyon. / Photo 2 The rescued feral mare and her foal; photo taken while they were stranded in Navajo Canyon, near Lake Powell.

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