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Volunteer Dog Walker Helps Find Shelter Dog, Waiting For Nearly 6 years, A Real Home

Since 2016, a dog named Caesar waited for someone to adopt him from an Ohio animal shelter. To be more precise, the long-overlooked dog had been at the Animal Charity of Ohio for five years, eight months, and six days – but a volunteer dog walker changed everything for Caesar.

Doug Sears works across the street from the shelter, and he has been spending his lunch hours for the past five years walking shelter dogs. For the past several years, Sears has been spending time with Caesar and he made it his mission to find the dog a home.

Recently, that mission was accomplished when a friend of Sears decided to adopt Caesar.

Happily-ever-after has been a long time coming for Caesar. When he first arrived at the shelter in 2016, he was heartworm positive and missing much of his fur. Though he recuperated from poor health, the one thing needed to make his life complete remained elusive.

Today, his friends at the shelter are thrilled that the final piece of Caesar’s puzzle has been put into place; Animal Charity of Ohio said:

This boy came with Heartworm, it was treated years ago, and he is cured. He had multiple tail surgeries. Weekly medical baths. But this guy made it out! He is going HOME!! We are going to miss him like crazy! We wouldn’t want him to be anywhere else but snuggled on a couch and running around in his new yard!

Thanks to Doug Sears, Caesar’s days at the facility were a bit less lonely, and now the twilight of his life looks promising… all because a kind volunteer knew that Caesar deserved more than life in a shelter.

Find Animal Charity of Ohio on Facebook here.

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