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Viewers Hearts Broken To Pieces After Watching Video Showing Cat Who Refused To Let Go Of Her Deceased Baby

Viewers of a TikTok video showing a mother cat gently cradling the body of her deceased baby have been left heartbroken. The video, uploaded by @almondforlyfe, shows a sweet tabby cat named Bella resting her head on her kitten’s lifeless body – her paw gently cradles the kitten’s body.

When the cat’s owner strokes Bella’s head, she accepts the affection but refuses to open her eyes.

Thousands of people have viewed the poignant video and they can see that the cat’s emotions are what could be expected from a grieving human mother.

As reported by Newsweek, the distraught mother cat held her baby for an hour before finally letting her go.

Rest in peace little one.

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  1. If this doesn’t break your heart you don’t have one. Animals have feelings just as we do and this Momma displays that feeling of loss just as a human mother would.Really sad story- perhaps she can act as a surrogate to another little kitten to help heal her loss.

    • This video absolutely broke my heart. Mummy cat showing her broken heart after the loss of her precious little Kitten. It proves that Cats and other precious animals have the same feeling for their loved ones as humans do. They are very intelligent.I have very loved Cats and dogs. I couldn’t live without them.
      RIP little baby. So sorry Mama Tabby for your broken heart. Bless you and your precious little baby.



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