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Veteran Finds Emaciated Cat Alone And Freezing In The Wilderness

Harriman State Park, New York – A cat who found himself alone and freezing in the wilderness encountered an unlikely hero who happened to be in the right place, at the right time, to save his life. According to the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge, veteran Adam Faatz discovered the starving cat while documenting raptor nests in Harriman State Park.

The animal welfare agency, which is now caring for the cat since dubbed Sawyer, recounts the chance encounter, sharing Faatz’s words:

“He laid there and was super easy to scoop up. [Sawyer] immediately started purring and meowing. Mostly his cuteness got me! Made me want to help. Couldn’t morally leave him to die and become eagle food.”

The temperature was below 20-degrees when Faatz found Sawyer and tucked him into his jacket for the three-mile trek out of the woods. The shelter writes:

He spent hours trying to find help for Sawyer. Adam’s determination and Sawyer’s will to live inspired our staff, who immediately agreed to help.
Sawyer was dehydrated and emaciated upon arrival at the shelter. His temperature was low and he was extremely thirsty, drinking an entire bowl of water as our team worked to stabilize him.

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Faatz shared his motivation for saving the lost cat:

“I was inspired to help Sawyer because it felt like the right thing to do. I refused to let him freeze to death, or slowly suffer. I knew he had a chance. Because he was looking at me, meowing, I could just see he had fight in him. I’m not a religious man, but something or someone put him in those woods for me to find him.”

Please visit to apply to adopt Sawyer or to make a donation towards his medical care.  And, to find out more about Adam’s story, please visit

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  1. Glad this guy was there for this cat and had enough compassion to follow through- just wonder how the cat ended up there in the first place- probably some asshole owner abandoned the poor little guy but the story had a positive outcome and that is what is important.

  2. wow…a person with care & compassion for an animal…I love it.❤️Many thanks to that man with the kind caring heart.



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