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Unwanted Shelter Dog Continues To Wait For Love After More Than 1280 Days

Philadelphia, PA – A Pennsylvania shelter dog is seemingly unwanted. Smokey has been waiting for someone to choose him for more than 1282 days.

On May 14, the Pennsylvania SPCA shared a photo of the overlooked pooch, writing:

Smokey is all dressed up with no place to go. We are keeping this handsome boy happy and healthy while he waits for his family. But we are sure he is wondering just how long it will take. Thus far it’s been 1,282 days.

That’s too many days.

When November rolls around, it will be FOUR years that Smokey has been waiting. Four years too long…

Shared about Smokey:

Smokey is pretty close to perfection. His only flaw as I see it is that he gets super excited when he sees his friends while he’s out on a walk. Other than that, he walks beautifully on leash. He’s affectionate. Handsome. Never met a person he didn’t like.

The shelter believes Smokey would be best suited as the only pet in the home. Surely there is ONE person out there who is the perfect fit for this handsome boy. Please share Smokey’s story and help him find a family of his own.


The Pennsylvania SPCA
📍 350 E Erie Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19134

Shelter phone: (215) 426-6300

Shelter email:

Kennel #3079

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  1. Good luck to poor Smokey, and I hope he gets over whatever it is that makes him unsuitable for living with other dogs.



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