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Unexpected Reunion; Woman Gets Message That Her Stolen Dog Is Over 1000 Miles From Home

Kokomo, Indiana – In December 2019, a Florida woman’s dog disappeared from her backyard. Ines Figueroa searched everywhere for her pup, Grace, but she was nowhere to be found; Figueroa believes that Grace was stolen.

Figueroa never lost hope that she would see her pet again, but after years passed, the hope of a reunion faded.

That all changed in late July when Figueroa received an unexpected message from a shelter in Kokomo, Indiana. Shelter staff told Figueroa that someone dropped off a dog in front of the shelter and the scanned microchip information led them to her.

With the help of the Rescue Railroad group, Grace made the long trek from Indiana to Florida, where she was finally back in the arms of her rightful owner.

Grace’s story is an important reminder of the importance of microchips and keeping the contact information up to date. Welcome home Grace!


Microchip your animals! You never know what could happen! Grace was reported stolen in 2019 now shes back home! 😁🥰 #shelterworker #welcomeback #lostdogfound

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  1. It is scary when any dog is stolen but for me it is even scarier when pits are taken. Any dog can be put into a dog fighting situation but they are a bit more vulnerable in that sense. Who knows what Grace’s time what like but she was not hurt and made it back home.

    • Kate, Sometimes any type of dog is taken to use as a bait dog to train the dogs used in dog fighting. Really no dog is safe. Humans are such POS sometimes. How anyone could hurt any innocent animal is beyond me. The ones committing these crimes need to see justice. I am so ecstatic that this baby is back home. Hopefully, a lot more will be returned home also.



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