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Two Tigers Escaped From Tornado Damaged Safari In Georgia

Pine Mountain, GA – Two tigers were able to escape from a Georgia wildlife safari after a tornado caused damage on the property. According to the Wild Animal Safari, the Pine Mountain property sustained “extensive tornado damage” this weekend and two tigers were able to breach their enclosure.

Early Sunday morning, the safari notified the public that it would be closed because of the tornado damage:

Hey guys, we were impacted by the tornado last light. We have sustained damage at the park and will not be open today. We are working diligently to keep our team and animals safe and will update with more news as it is available.

An hour later, the safari notified the public that two big cats had escaped:

Like much of Southwest Georgia, Pine Mountain Safari sustained extensive tornado damage this morning. Fortunately, none of our animals and employees were hurt. However, several animal enclosures were breeched, and two tigers briefly escaped.

The tigers’ escape was short-lived. A short time later, the tigers were located, tranquilized, and moved to a safe location. The safari said:

Both have now been found, tranquilized, and safely returned to a secure enclosure.
We appreciate your concern and support during this difficult time. Pine Mountain Safari is committed to the safety of our employees, our animals, our customers, and our community. We will continue to update this page with other relevant storm-related information, as warranted.

At least two large tornadoes touched down in Georgia early Sunday morning. On Friday night, a massive EF-4 tornado devastated Rolling Fork, Mississippi. The small town of 1,800 people was essentially wiped off the map because of the huge twister that stayed on the ground for over an hour.

(Stock image of tiger via Pixabay Free Images)

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  1. Amazing.the police in Georgia must be getting soft hearted- they actually didn’t shoot these big cats. This could so easily have ended differently for these animals.


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