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Two People Facing Animal Cruelty Charges For Starving Dogs

Des Moines, Iowa – Two people in Des Moines are facing multiple animal cruelty charges after starved dogs were found at their residence. On Thursday, the Animal Rescue League of Iowa posted photos of two dogs who survived the neglect, and recounted the fate of the dog who did not:

When ARL Animal Services officers received a shocking call about a husky who was so starved and dehydrated it had to be humanely euthanized, we also were alerted to something else alarming:

There were other dogs in the home that may be in trouble.
When we arrived at the Des Moines residence it was not a minute too soon. We found two more huskies in urgent need of help.

The surviving dogs, Layla and Nala, are malnourished, but Layla’s condition is the most severe. The animal rescue agency said:

Sadly we’ve seen many emaciated dogs over the years, but Layla’s condition was particularly shocking. Even through her thick coat, we could clearly see her ribs and hip bones. She weighed just 30 pounds

Both dogs are safe and receiving veterinary care. According to the animal welfare agency, John Allen Lofton, 21, of St. Charles and Noah Lawrence Jorgenson, 21, of Des Moines have been charged with multiple counts of animal neglect in connection with this case.

Donations for these dogs can be made directly to the rescue group here.

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  1. Poor dogs, their hunger was surely agonizing. I wonder if they were also abused in other ways. Two 21-year-old men did this? Surely there’s more to this story. Are they sadistic goons? Were they breeding huskies and failing to make a profit so they stopped feeding them, or were they just doing it for kicks, or what was their story? In any case, they’re the most shameful of human beings, keeping prisoners and starving them. I hope justice is realized here.

  2. I would bet that they sat there and ate in front of these beautiful dogs continuing to deny them food! Hopefully you men will not be begging for food…..but Karma may get you!! Prayers for Layla & Nala. So sorry for the fur baby that didn’t survive. :'(

  3. Wish there was a vigilante group who would “take care’ of the people that do this to a animal, just do to them what they gave out, may they rot in hell.

  4. This is so sad to see this beautiful dog, starved and in this situation, these monsters find them put them in a cage and starve them like they did to this poor beautiful dog. So angry to see so many dogs and animals being abused like this.
    these are human cruel monsters that need to be taught a lesson. See how they like it in the same situation what they did to this dog.

  5. Theres only one kind of justice these POS monsters understand! Since the law doesnt bother with enforcing laws to protect our furry family members with, maybe street justice is in order!



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