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Two Kittens Rescued From Waste Facility’s Conveyer Belt

Kelowna, BC – Two kittens were able to welcome 2023 thanks to astute workers at a British Columbia waste management facility in Kelowna. According to the Okanagan Humane Society, the eight-week-old kittens were rescued from a conveyer belt on Friday, December 30.

According to the animal welfare agency, the two kittens are part of a feline family that appears to be living in the facility.

OHS will assist with recovery of the remaining 3 kittens and their momma as soon as the facility opens Tuesday morning. They are safe with food and water, and machinery is off for the weekend.

The shelter explained why the cats were in the facility, and thanked the people involved in their rescue:

The presence of rodents can unfortunately attract feral, stray or abandoned cats to dangerous situations looking for food and warm places to survive.
Thanks to OHS Volunteer Sue, and workers Garth and others, for persevering and helping rescue at least a dozen others at this location this season alone.

The rescued kittens will not be made available for adoption until they are fully vaccinated and altered. Visit the Okanagan Humane Society’s Facebook page at this link.

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  1. Just goes to show there are mostly good people in this World. God Bless those workers and those caring for the kittens and Momma cat.

  2. ThankGod someone there was eagle eyed and spotted these two little guys before it was too late and that there was follow up to care for the Mum and the other kittens. Nice ending.



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