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TSA Issues Warning After Cat Goes Through X-Ray Machine In Someone’s Luggage

Norfolk, VA – TSA turned to social media with a warning to travelers about the proper way to get pets through security after someone’s cat, stowed in luggage, went through an x-ray machine at the Norfolk Airport.

On March 3, Lisa Farbstein, a TSA Spokesperson, Tweeted:

Just when you thought it was safe to bring your pet cat on a trip. . . A traveler left their pet cat in its travel carrying case at a @TSA
checkpoint this morning at @NorfolkAirport. Attention pet owners: Please do not send your pet through the X-ray unit. Cat-astrophic mistake!

Offering a short video with the PROPER way to go through security checkpoints with a pet traveling companion (Click here to watch), and their PSA:

This is not déjà vu…

It’s a PSA from TSA to stop sending your pets through x-ray. You need to let the cat out of the bag during security screening. Are you worried you have an escape artist on your hands? Speak with our officers about alternative screening options, which could include private screening.

Fortunately, this kitty is okay, despite being sent through the x-ray machine.

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  1. What were these people thinking.? There is no limit to utter idiocy in people. The cat could have been seriously injured or worse but I guess these nitwits didn’t think of that. Sad thing here is the poor cat presumably is still stuck with the same brain dead irresponsible owners.


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