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Trainer Under Investigation After Shepherd Pup Dies From Heat Stroke And Dehydration

Garland, TX – A Dutch shepherd pup sent to a Garland board and training facility died of severe dehydration and heat stroke while in the trainer’s care. As reported by Fox 4 News, the trainer is now under investigation by the authorities.

The eight-month-old pup, Leia, belonged to Jason Daniels, who is devastated that his pet suffered tremendously before dying at Professional K9s. Daniels tells the news agency:

“I thought that she was a responsible, reasonable trainer, but that turned out to be a mistake.”

The veterinarian who performed the necropsy on Leia’s body noted that the “pads on the bottom of her feet were blistered completely off,” and the official report stated “her eyes were sunken in, she had hemorrhages on her vital organs, and she was covered in vomit and feces.”

Daniels said:

She was there wondering where I was and when I was coming to save her, you know.

Daniels’ other dog, a six-month-old German Shepherd named Rey, was at the facility at the same time Leia was – Rey survived but came home thin and dehydrated.

The Garland Police are investigating Leia’s death, but no criminal charges have been filed yet.

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  1. Poor Leia, what a horrifying way for an innocent life to end. That “trainer” must face full justice, ideally to be locked up for life How many more of these cases have to come to light before everyone realizes most animal “trainers” are not to be trusted, and that’s putting it extremely nicely.

  2. People should never leave their dogs alone with a “trainer.” Far too many of these places are run by ex-police, or ex-military K9 handlers (or else “wannabes” who have observed the brutality of K9 handling, and like it)

    I’ve saved and archived cases like this from all over the country (and other countries, too). This is by no means an anomaly.



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