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Tiny Kitten Rescued From Texas Bridge

Corpus Christi, TX – A tiny kitten found himself in a precarious position high up on a bridge this week in Corpus Christi. Fortunately, firefighters were made aware of the frightening situation and quickly took action.

On Friday, the Corpus Christi Fire Department recounted what took place, writing:

Yesterday, at approximately 2100hrs, Fire Station #1, downtown area, were made aware of a cat that was stuck high under the Harbor Bridge. Truck 1 initially extended their ladder using the street as a base but were not able to reach the kitten.

After two hours, and “a couple of repositions” of the unit, the firefighters were able to trap the kitten with a fishing net. A bystander offered to take the rescued kitten and provide him with care.

The agency stated:

Firefighters will do their best to rescue pets in many different situations, however, our first priority is the safety of our firefighters.

Great work!

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  1. VERY glad the CCFD was able to rescue this little waif; wishing him or her a safe, healthy, comfortable, LOVED life in a loving permanent home!



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