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Three Race Horses Die In Freak Accident At Fonner Park

Grand Island, Nebraska – On Sunday, three horses died and several jockeys were injured in what is being called a “freak accident” at Fonner Park. According to sources, the chaos happened in the final race of the day when two horses collided, causing three riders and their horses to fall.

One horse, whose rider had fallen, ran at full speed into a horse of the track’s outrider. The impact severely injured both horses and they were euthanized.

One of the horses that collided on the track died immediately, apparently from a snapped neck. Two jockeys were injured; they sustained minor injuries. The outrider and another jockey were hospitalized with serious injuries.

Chris Kotulak, Fonner Park CEO, commented on the tragedy:

“It makes me sick to my stomach to see any horse or its rider be involved in such a horrifying tragedy. Today’s accident was a stark reminder of the ever-present hazard of horseracing. The jockey’s and outrider were performing their dangerous professions, which the vast majority of the time ends without incident. I was pleased to see the incredibly quick reaction from all of the first responders. All of my staff, security and the emergency medical personnel did exactly what they have been trained to do.”

(Stock image of race horses via Pixabay/Not horses from this story)

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