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Three People Dead After Attempting To Save Dog Who Fell Into A Hole In A Cornfield

Three people and a dog died after falling into a cistern in a Texas cornfield.

Bastrop County, TX – On August 9, three people and a dog died after getting trapped in a cistern in a Texas cornfield. According to the Bastrop County Sheriff’s Office, around 1:00 p.m. deputies responded to a report that three persons were trapped in a hole in the ground in the 300 block of New Trails, which was a cornfield in northern Bastrop County

The sheriff’s office said that the individuals were part of a hunting party consisting of three men and one woman who “ended up on foot in a cornfield when one of their dogs fell into the cistern.”

Stock image of hunter with dog via Pixabay
Stock image of hunter with dog via Pixabay

In a news release about the tragic incident, the authorities explain that it appears that one member of the hunting party entered the cistern in an attempt to rescue the dog; the other two hunters entered the cistern to help save the first person and the dog. The remaining person went to his truck to call 9-1-1.

The authorities said:

The water level of the cistern was far below the small opening of the cistern, which was at ground level, preventing anyone from escaping from the cistern, resulting in the deaths of 2 males and one female. All 3 of the decedents were Florida residents

The authorities describe the scene that first responders encountered upon their arrival:

First Responders found what appeared to be an underground cistern that was partially filled with water. There were strong fumes, similar to those of a septic tank, coming from the cistern. First Responders observed no signs of life.

First responders were not able to immediately enter the cistern because of fumes, stagnant water, and instability of the structure. The authorities said that the fumes and water were removed from the cistern, the air was stabilized, and a drone was sent in to determine the stability of the structure.

After it was determined to be safe, someone was lowered into the cistern to make the recovery. All of the bodies, including that of the dog, were removed and taken to the medical examiner’s office. An autopsy will be completed to confirm the cause of death.

The victims are identified as:
Delvys Garcia, 37
Denise Martinez, 26
Noel Vigil-Benitez, 45

Three people and a dog died after falling into a cistern in a cornfield
Three people and a dog died after falling into a cistern in a cornfield

(Images via Bastrop County Sheriff’s Office and Pixabay)

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  1. Finally these bastards did something good! Hunters are evil and I’m glad they died in that hell hole! For the dog I feel very sorry, that poor animal is also a victim of these hunting devils!

  2. Absolutely this NEVER would have happened, had they not been “HUNTING!!!!!” I SO SERIOUSLY WISH ALL Hunting Would END NOW! ENOUGH DANGER, SUFFERING AND KILLING our wildlife and animals, ALL AT RISK, Including People~~

  3. They didn’t need to be out there “hunting.” At least they cared about the poor dog. There are abandoned mine shafts, wells, etc., in many areas that no one bothers to fill in, so they are a serious danger to all life. WTH is wrong with people?

  4. The dog was a victim as well so why was he not listed (if indeed the dog was male)? I am no fan of hunters but I respect that they were trying to save the dog. I agree with one of the above comments-it should be covered up and maybe since people died, they will.

    • So interesting, people that are willing to hunt and kill animals were the ones that attempted to save the dog. What a awful story, I hope the hole is covered up too to prevent it from happening again.


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