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Thousands Of Seal Lions Have Died From Bird Flu In Peru

Peru – On Thursday, government officials in Peru announced the staggering toll that the H5N1 avian influenza has taken on the country’s sea lion population. As reported by BNO News, 3,500 seal lions have perished from the bird flu, and an estimated 63,000 birds have died.

Heartbreaking video footage shows sickly and deceased seal lions, as well as birds who were killed by the deadly virus.

Researchers have noted that impacted sea lions showed symptoms including tremors, convulsions, and paralysis.” Sea lions seen in the video footage appear to be severely malnourished and weak.

It is unclear how the animals are being infected, but there are concerns that the virus is transmitting mammal to mammal.

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  1. They are lying….what toxins are they spraying in the air, water. etc. There is no such thing as Viruses, do some research. The Germ Theroy is a lie, Terrain Theroy is the truth.

  2. Wow. And republicans are screaming about Biden using money to make a vaccine for bird flu. Bird Flu may do what covid didn’t do, kill all breathing things.


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