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This Dirty Pile Of Fur Is A Dog Who Was Tied To A Pole And Abandoned

Baltimore County, Maryland – A dog was so badly neglected before being abandoned that he was nearly unrecognizable as a living creature. The pup, dubbed Marley, was tied to a pole and abandoned before being found by county animal control officials.

On January 27, the Senior Dog Sanctuary of Maryland said:

We will never know what happened the first part of Marley’s life, the part before he was found by County animal service officers. We won’t ever know if he was loved or cared for; whether he had a name, a home, a best friend.

Given Marley’s pitiful appearance, it seems that he never received care before he was found.  Beneath the layers of filth was a dog who had been hidden away for far too long…living in misery.

And a shocking secret was hidden beneath Marley’s matted fur…the circulation to one of his legs was cut off and it resulted in the loss of his limb.

But the real Marley has been revealed.

And now, life begins anew for this pup – gone is his filthy, matted fur, and gone are his days of being ignored and neglected. On Saturday, the animal welfare agency said:

Since his arrival here, Marley has learned to get along quite well without it and he runs and plays right alongside his other canine housemates!

You can follow Marley’s journey at this link to the animal rescue agency’s Facebook page.

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  1. Thank God precious Marley was rescued in time!! I hope the evil owner of this poor dog will pay!! That person is a sadistic demon and he/she belongs in hell ASAP!!!

  2. Whoever did this, tie it up in a disused building somewhere in the middle of nowhere, throw it a slice od bread a day, let it rot and stink for years until it’s hair is down to it’s feet and when it is, chop a leg off. But don’t save it, leave it there to rot some more. Let’s see how it likes it’s own medicine !!!

  3. Baltimore is now one of the highest crime cities in the US and the inner city is full of low lives. It’s drugs and thugs there so you can imagine who owned him.

  4. again, this person needs to be held accountable and should be given the death penalty. None of these criminicals will understand anything unless the death penalty is put on the table for all states and countries, then they might rethink about doing it again…Someone needs to take action and just stop talking about it and do something….So inhumane and disgusting, hang em all up

  5. We also have dog breeders to thank for dogs having fur that can cripple and even kill them if not managed. Wild sheep molt regularly. No life form on Earth has such fur as these poor dogs who end up like this dog. Bred for that, on purpose! Thank goodness he was found and taken care of. May he live like a beloved little prince from here on out.

  6. What a horrible thing to do to an innocent animal. Whoever did this is a vile, evil POS monster. Hope karma bites him in the butt so hard, he never recovers! Marley is a beautiful little boy who desrves a loving home.


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