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Thieves Accused Of Throwing Puppy From Third-Story Window When Police Moved In For Arrest

St. Louis, MO – Two St. Louis men are accused of stealing two French bulldogs, and later, throwing one of them from a three-story window as police moved in to make an arrest. As reported by KMOV News, James Edward Perry, 18, and Landon Jacobi Allen, 23, are tied to the theft of a woman’s two dogs, an adult French bulldog, and a four-month-old French bulldog puppy.

The dogs were stolen during a home invasion on October 14. While the police were investigating, they discovered an online listing for two French bulldogs matching the description of the stolen dogs. The dogs were being offered for sale at $5,000 each.

The North County Police Cooperative, working with other agencies, arranged to “buy” the stolen dogs. On October 19, officers went to the address where one of the dogs was supposed to be purchased. The officers found the adult dog and a woman who was “not identified in charging documents.”

The woman directed the officers to a different address where the puppy, “Little Tory,” was located. When the officers went to that address, one of the men threw the puppy out a third-story window and locked themselves in the apartment, but they were ultimately apprehended.

Police found drugs packaged for distribution in the apartment, as well as firearms. The men are facing multiple charges, including second-degree burglary and two counts of stealing over $750. The men were booked into the St. Louis County Jail.

Little Tory survived the fall but sustained injuries.


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