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The Cutest Pup Bus You Ever Did See Continues To Make People Smile

Skagway, Alaska – The cutest pup bus you ever did see is putting a smile on millions of faces. A dog-walking business by the name of Mo Mountain Mutts has been posting videos of their doggy daycare bus and they have gone viral, racking up millions of views on TikTok.

The most popular video, posted in late December, has garnered nearly 10 million views!


You guys asked to see the dogs getting on the bus #foryou #dogs #puppybus #alaska

♬ original sound – Mo_Mountain_Mutts

The videos show incredibly obedient dogs walking up the stairs of the bus, greeting their canine friends, and then picking their seats where they are buckled in for safety. Mo Thompson, and her husband Lee, operate the popular business, and they love what they do, recently telling KTOO News:

“I look in the rearview mirror of the bus as I’m driving sometimes. And I see all the dogs back there. And I can’t believe we do this for a living.”

People who discovered the Mo Mountain Mutts TikTok account continue to return, just to get their daily dose of doggy goodness. There are over 1.4 million people following the dog walkers and their furry friends.


Post walkies snack time #puppybus #complimentaryliver #alaska #dogwalkers

♬ original sound – Mo_Mountain_Mutts

Join in on the fun by following Mo Mountain Mutts on TikTok, or on Facebook.

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  1. I saw this the other day but there is never a wrong time to see happy animals even if not the first time.Such happy dogs can only make one smile-or at least one who loves dogs or any animals.



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