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Texas Zoo Mourns Death Of Mother And Baby Giraffe Who Died Within Days Of Each Other

A giraffe calf died days after her mom at a Texas zoo.

Waco, TX – A Texas zoo is mourning the loss of two giraffes who died within days of each other. According to the Cameron Park Zoo, Penelope, a Masai giraffe, died three days before her calf, Zuri, passed away.

In a release, the zoo said:

The Cameron Park Zoo is grieving the passing of Zuri who died early this morning. Zuri is the baby Masai giraffe calf of Penelope who passed away on Wednesday, July 19.

Staff immediately began hand-rearing Zuri after Penelope died. She was transitioned to a milk formula, introduced to another female giraffe named Jenny, and monitored closely by veterinary staff.

Despite their best efforts, Zuri passed away. A necropsy was performed in order to determine the cause of death. An independent review of the results will be conducted to determine how the giraffes died; it will take weeks to receive the results.

The zoo said:

The Cameron Park Zoo staff are deeply saddened by the loss of Zuri. They appreciate the continued support of the community in this difficult time.

Find the website for the Cameron Park Zoo here.


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  1. Their life is meant to be on the open plains of Africa not in the little cluttered ugly space in the photo. What happened to the necropsy on the mother? How sad. Thank God baby succumbed & was not left alone without her mother to a life sentence in a zoo. They are now, both better off. Of course the zoo lost a small fortune, showing off the baby w/ mother.

  2. All of these Sad Horrific Stories. I Hope all of these Animals that are Passing away at the hands of Humans, will go to a better place in their next life. omg



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