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Texas Man Sentenced To Years In Prison For Brutal Torture Of Cats

A Texas man was sentenced to years in prison for his brutal torture of at least two cats.

Hunt County, TX – A Texas man, who brutally tortured at least two cats, has been sentenced to years in prison. According to sources, Shubhankar Kawle, 28, was found guilty of third-degree felony cruelty to non-livestock animals on August 31 and sentenced to six-and-a-half years in prison, without probation.

Kawle was a student at the University of Texas at Dallas when he was arrested in October 2021 after a Quinlan resident reached out to the Hunt County Sheriff with a complaint of animal cruelty. The resident told the authorities that their cats had been injured in odd and sometimes severe ways.

A press release from the SPCA of Texas outlines the cruelty situation:

When one of the complainant’s cats was injured to the point of needing its leg amputated, they set up a nanny camera in their residence. On Saturday, October 9, 2021, the camera recorded Mr. Kawle torturing the complainant’s other cat, Nimbus, over a period of five hours. This cat was ultimately euthanized due to her extensive injuries.

The sheriff’s department found signs of “extreme abuse” during their investigation, including stains on the walls of the residence and a metal rod, and obtained radiographs and medical history from the veterinary clinic that humanely euthanized the cat.

Chief Investigator Burns commented on the cruelty case:

“Torturing an animal is inhumane and illegal, and what Mr. Kawle did to Nimbus was not only horrific and heartbreaking, but one of the single worst cases of animal torture I’ve seen in my career.”


“I’m pleased to see the perpetrator of this heinous crime brought to justice.”

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  1. Let’s hope that this scumbag is also sterilized & denied conjugal visits. I hope he is served Real Justice in prison – day after day after day. Maybe an animal-loving prisoner will make absolutely sure that this pervert will never be able to harm Anyone ever again.

  2. If he was filmed IN their home torturing their cat, then was he living there – renting a bedroom and sharing the rest of the house?

  3. He had better serve every minute of that sentence. It’s actually more than I thought an animal abuser would get, so slowly but surely in some parts of the country, (Texas, no less), the judicial system is starting to come around. This thing should get even more time than he was given however, and absolutely should not be released early. He should also never be allowed to have animals ever.



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