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Texas Governor Signs Bill To Protect Dogs From Suffering On A Chain Outdoors

On October 25, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill into law to protect dogs from being chained outdoors for long periods of time, and/or without protection. Texas Senate Bill 5 goes into effect on January 18, 2022, and it includes several rules regarding the unlawful restraint of dogs.

The new law aims to keep dogs from being subjected to pain and suffering while outside. SB 5 prohibits owners from leaving their dogs outside during inclement weather, including extreme heat or cold. It also mandates proper shelter for dogs to protect them from the elements, specifically:

“Adequate shelter” means a sturdy structure: (A) that provides the dog protection from
inclement weather; and (B) with dimensions that allow the dog while in
the shelter to stand erect, sit, turn around, and lie down in a
normal position.

The new law also defines what type of collars dogs are allowed to be wearing. SB 5 states that  “Properly fitted” means, with respect to a collar or harness, a collar or harness that: (A) is appropriately sized for the dog based on the dog’s measurements and body weight; (B) does not choke the dog or impede the dog’s normal breathing or swallowing; and (C) does not cause pain or injury to the dog.

SB 5 defines unlawful restraint of a dog and the various protections which must be in place to keep dogs safe from harm:

owner may not leave a dog outside and unattended by use of a
restraint unless the owner provides the dog access to:
(1) adequate shelter;
(2) an area that allows the dog to avoid standing water
and exposure to excessive animal waste;
(3) shade from direct sunlight; and
(4) potable water.
(b) An owner may not restrain a dog outside and unattended
by use of a restraint that:
(1) is a chain;
(2) has weights attached;
(3) is shorter in length than the greater of:
(A) five times the length of the dog, as measured
from the tip of the dog’s nose to the base of the dog’s tail; or
(B) 10 feet; or
(4) is attached to a collar or harness not properly

Pet owners who violate the terms set forth in the law will face a Class C misdemeanor or a Class B misdemeanor for a repeated offense.

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  1. Wonderful news. It’s a step in the right direction for more humane laws for all animals. Thank you, Governor Abbot, for recognizing that dogs are sentient beings and should not be treated cruelly. I admire your determination and hope that other states like mine, Kentucky, will begin to see the value of companion animals and learn to appreciate them. And that the days of using dogs that are chained outside are ending and that people are becoming wiser and more compassionate when it comes to all animals. In my eyes and many others, you are a hero. Evil often begins with hurting innocent animals because they have no voice to speak for themselves, and are alone without being seen or knowing what is happening to them. Please continue to work toward passing more humane laws for these innocent beings. “The time is always right to do what is right.” M.L King

  2. Why have a dog to chain it up for its life , what’s the point it can’t protect you on a Chain it can’t protect itself on a CHAIN so
    . Why have a dog or a kid or a wife.. What’s the point please tell all here why you would get a dog to put it on a CHAIN

  3. But dogs will still be chained and left out in the cold during winter. Thank you for all you do but still not soon enough.

    • You must be a woke Democrat, Abbott has done lots of good. So many innocent babies are being saved every day since he signed the heartbeat bill.

    • Abbott did this ONLY because of activist pressure from his earlier veto of a bipartisan bill passed to protect outdoor dogs! This is purely political, not because he has a heart for abused animals!

  4. I agree that this is a great first step to end the cruel treatment of many dogs in Texas and I applaud the Governor for having the courage to do this. However the people who keep their dogs outside on chains are not suddenly going to stop this behavior because of this new law. It will be ignored, criticized snd even laughed off unless snd until there is enforcement of this new law. Therefore my question to the Governor and others would be are they going to provide enforcement? Are they going to train officers for the specific task of animal cruelty as it relates to this law. Because those types of things and much more will be necessary if this law is to be successful in actually helping any animals. Otherwise it’s just all nice talking points while the animals continue to suffer.
    What good is a law if it is not enforced?

    • that is where people need to keep on calling when people violate the law. BE PERSISTANT and call every day if you have to. Eventually the law will be enforced if they get tired of comming out. TAKE PICTURES WITH DATES AND TIMES.!!!

  5. Thank you Govenor Abbott! We definitely need more people like you to take animal cruelty/abuse seriously and enact and enforce those laws. Thank you on behalf of all the dogs suffering at the end if ropes and chains.

    • Unfortunately the Governor actually vetoed this bull that was passed by a majority of both Republicans and Democratic legislators earlier this year, claiming that that it was not necessary. The ONLY REASON that he brought it back is because he saw a huge backlash to his decision. If he wasn’t running for Governor and needed animal advocate votes, he could have cared less. Thank goodness for all the people in Texas that called his office to protest, sent emails and voiced their disgust with his initial decision.

  6. awesome! we need this to be A FEDERAL LAW! Across the country Dogs are treated so cruelly and it needs to stop. Living on the end of a chain 24/7 with inadequate conditions Is a horrible way for any living animal to live. ! our County in fl , Levy county , cant even pass ordianance for animal care for 3 years now! GRR so frustrated.!



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