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Terrified Dog Waits To Be Saved At Texas Shelter After Losing Home When Her Owner Died

Soda was found with her deceased owner. Now she is terrified and waiting to be saved from a Texas animal shelter.

Update 9/8/2023: Rescued by Road Warrior Australian Cattle Dog Rescue. Thanks to everyone who helped network Soda’s information!

Harris County, TX – A terrified dog is waiting to be saved at a Texas shelter following the loss of her owner, who recently died. The six-year-old dog, named Soda, is at the Harris County Pets facility and she is completely overwhelmed.

The Saving Houston Pets Facebook page said that Soda was found with her deceased owner.

Terrified dog waits to be saved from Texas shelter
Terrified dog waits to be saved from Texas shelter

🐕💙Soda #A612794
What we know about Soda🦮..
🔹intake 8/29
🔹️owner was found deceased💔
🔹6 yrs old
🔹spayed female
🔹️Heartworm ❤️🐛negative
🔹 36 pounds

Soda needs a hero right now. She needs to be decompressing in a real home, with someone who can comfort and love her. Please share Soda’s adoption information to help save her life!

Adoption link here.

Located At: Harris County Pets
Description: My name is Soda.
I am a spayed female. I look like a black and white Pit Bull Terrier mix.
Age: The shelter staff think I am about 6 years old.
More Info: I weigh 36.00 pounds.

Location: Harris County Pets
Phone Number: (281) 999-3191
Address: 612 Canino Road
Houston, TX 77076
Watch a video on Facebook here.

Note: Please contact the shelter directly. Animal Victory is NOT the point of contact and has no affiliation with this dog, or this shelter facility. Thank you.

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  1. How would you get her from Harris County to Gray County for adoption? I don’t think she could be fostered in one home and then sent to another for adoption…….she is too traumatized there in the shelter. It has to be adoption right from the start. That is my personal opinion when she is so upset and scared.

  2. They aren’t looking for a foster home, they are asking someone to step up and adopt the dog. Regardless, the update says she was adopted so all is good.



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