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Terrified Cat Rescued From Interstate By Kind Trooper

Lucas County, OH – A terrified cat, who found himself alongside a busy Ohio interstate, was recently rescued by a kind Ohio State Highway trooper. A video of the rescue effort was posted to the agency’s Facebook page on Tuesday. The footage shows Tpr. Katie Thomas stopping to save the frightened feline who was located on the side of I-475 in Lucas County.

With the help of a good Samaritan, the trooper was able to secure the cat, who had bolted towards the patrol vehicle and got wedged in a tire well.

Gloved up and patient, Trooper Thomas managed to gently maneuver the cat out of the vehicle’s undercarriage. The good Samaritan then places him in the back seat of the patrol vehicle where he can be heard meowing in distress.

All is well that ends well. The cat was taken to the Toledo Humane Society where staff named him Trooper. After being checked out, the cat was put up for adoption and he has since found a forever home.

Be safe Trooper!

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  1. There are indeed a lot of bad cops who kill black people and dogs but it is always important to remember they are not all like that and many stories have been written about cops helping animals and people. It is just that the bad news tends to make the headlines more.

  2. We need far more good cops like this one and none of the sadistic power freaks that are out there, notably the K9 officers and “trainers” who enjoy torturing captive dogs. See “Stop K9 Torture” website.



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