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Teen Faces Felony Animal Cruelty Charge For Slamming Dog To Ground And Punching Pup In Face

Deltona, FL – A Florida teen is facing an animal cruelty charge for slamming a dog to the ground and repeatedly punching the dog in the face. On Monday, the Volusia Sheriff’s Office, the 17-year-old male was charged after the authorities were contacted by the Deltona Animal Control about a March 14 incident that was captured on a resident’s home security system.

The authorities recounted what the footage revealed, writing:

The video, timestamped the night of March 14, showed the defendant going into a neighbor’s yard on Covington Drive to retrieve his dog after it ran away. He picked up the dog by the neck and carried it back toward his house, where he lifted it in the air and slammed it to the ground. He straddled the dog, began punching it in the face and head again and again, then grabbed its head and slammed it into the ground multiple times. The video footage was accompanied by audio, which recorded the dog yelping during the abuse.

Animal control took custody of the dog, who was transported to a veterinarian for an exam. The results of that exam have not been released publicly.

The police stated that the teenager’s grandmother confirmed that she witnessed the incident and that she told her grandson to stop hurting the dog. The woman claimed that she disciplined the teen.

The teen was taken into custody and transported to the Family Resource Center for processing of his felony charge. Following processing he was released to his grandmother’s custody by the Department of Juvenile Justice.

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  1. give me this punk bitch for 5 minutes. sure beat up an innocent dog. the dog ran away from this punk for a reason. i am sure this is not the first time he hurt the dog. yeah and grandma disciplined him. what did she give him hot chocolate and cookies.

  2. Somebody needs to lay a little muscle on this kid after he gets out of jail . This kid is well on his way to a life of abusing others , animals as well as people and probably his future wife if he ever gets married. Psychiatric intervention may help him control his emotions but I doubt it. Hopefully he never is allowed to own an animal of any kind again.Feel sorry for the grandmother having to deal with this little shite.



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