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Teen Died Trying To Save Her Beloved Dogs In Devastating House Fire

Berlin Heights, Ohio – A devoted teenager in Ohio died on Sunday morning while trying to save her beloved dogs from a devastating house fire. As reported by Cleveland 19 News, 15-year-old Rhianne King ran directly into harm’s way in an effort to save her dogs from the blaze.

Kaelyn Wells, Rhianne’s older sister, told the news agency:

“She was trying to get the dog and the smoke got to her because, by the time my sister left her room, the smoke had already engulfed the entire living room. It just shows that she was selfless and would rather risk her life to save those puppies than try to save herself.”

Two puppies, a ferret, and a bearded dragon also perished in the blaze. But Rhianne’s family credits her for saving one of the family’s puppies, who suffered burns on her face and paws.

The family believes that the fire started because of an electrical problem.

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  1. really a sad story. this young girl loses her life trying to save the animals she loves when so many spend their lives abusing them. i hope she is at peace in heaven.

    • Well said Lou. It’s just sad how people can look right at their dog (pet) and see them experiencing the exact emotions we have but they don’t see them as a soul, as we are. That’s a soul…different vessel but a soul and we will answer for how we treat them.

  2. Rhianne King is in the Lord’s Heavenly Home now.I am deeply hurt that she lost her life.We needed her here and there is no shortage of cruel people that no one needs.



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